Thursday, 21 November 2013

LLATL (Part 2)

This is a follow up post of Part 1 of our LLATL (Learning Language Arts Through Literature) adventure. We absolutely love this curriculum.

The kids really enjoy doing the lapbook and all the cut and paste (Red book). Just a note on that, my son really dislike cutting and pasting, except if it is for his paper-crafts. However he really likes doing it in LLATL. They also love the  additional activities/projects. Such as the bingo game and making the imprint of a leave and obviously drawing. My daughter is very easy, she loves anything that has got to do with a scissor, glue, pencils.

Why I love it so much: It is fun, every day is mapped out what you need to do and when. Very easy to follow. Most important it is Christian based.  We will continue to use LLATL until our final year.

Here's some  pictures of what the lapbook looks like so far. We will be making more as we go along.

Various areas of the Lapbook

Leave prints after we read A Tree is Nice

Compound words

What the full lapbook looks like

Our lapbook is not the standard size lapbooks. It is almost twice the size than what people normally use.

Will do another post once our next lapbook is full.




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