Friday, 20 December 2013

What are your kids learning?

One thing I have always believed in doing while homeschooling is to be involved with everything my kids learn. This to me will still be applicable even if my children reach their final years.

I recently got involved in a big debate on a group where I had to defend my home country South Africa. It became very clear to me that there are so many parents and especially homeschool mothers who don’t really know what their children are learning and what not. This really saddens me. What is the use of homeschooling then?

I got bombarded about a comment I made on information that is going to be made available about our country. The biggest shock for me it is so called ‘facts’ that is going to appear in a very well know curriculum. These so called facts are so incorrect and the information are very one sided. Information was not researched properly and our country was made out to be something it really is not.

Besides the negative outlook on our country, what really became apparent to me is the fact that the parents who ‘attacked’ me, where under the impression that South Africa was basically the South of Africa.

Now I ask myself, how on earth is this possible? Why don’t people do their homework before they comment and give their opinions. South Africa were compared to Sudan and many other things. There is a simple solution to this, it is called a world map, look at it, read it, study it!

This just showed me that many parents just see homeschooling as an easy way out of public school. Should you not know what your kids are learning, don’t you teach them? Why should they just go and sit and do their own research all the time? One mother said to me that she does not have time to find information and read up about things, her kids do their own studying and research.

Why homeschool if you don’t make time for your kids? I am sure I am not the one missing the big picture here. Before you teach your children things, make sure you have the facts. The media can really paint a picture of a country that is really not true and this goes for any subjects. The internet can be a good thing, but also very bad, with loads of false information.

Be there for you kids, know what they learn and be involved. Get the facts!