Colour mixing

No matter what medium you or your young artist wants to work in, one has to know the basics of the colour wheel. Without the proper knowledge no final artwork can be done in a proper way.

Watch this short video on Color wheel mixing theory.

If you want to take it one step further, then you can study warm and cool colours. This will help you to set a mood in your artwork.

Watch this short video - Is my color warm or cold. 


If you want to go more in deeper details you can watch this video on the mixing paint with the six-colour colour wheel.

You can also view/read a full explanation on how the six-colour colour wheel works. This link to Paint Basket also has this video above in it, but the info in the text has much valuable information with loads of details. 

 Learn to draw

If you have a child who loves to draw (even yourself) and your child wants to take it to the next level. I really recommend them taking this class. I do however recommend this to older children who are capable of handling a pencil in various ways. 

The Lets Draw course runs over a period of 27 days. Every day a new lesson is made available to you. You start by learning the basics of the equipment and various ways of handling the pencil and various points of the pencil and how to sharpen it.

Each day you get a new lesson you need to complete, as you progress new techniques are introduced and that is then practiced.

Watch this sample lesson from day 19 on drawing animals.

In each lesson Nolan Clark will demonstrate to you how he uses his pencil and what pencil you need to use and also additional tricks.
- There are a number of ways to get this course, you can do it online where all the classes are available to you immediately. 
- You could get the manual course only. This means you will only get the pdf manual (over 300 pages).
- You can purchase the DVD set.

Check out the short sales video of this course.
There is an old saying in art, there better you draw, the better you paint.
I myself have done this course and this is some of the drawings I have done.

Day 19 - using a flicking motion

Day 20 - short and long hair

Day 11 - scrumbling

Day 13 - various techniques

Day 8 - plane study (directions)

If you are serious about drawing then you can purchase this course by clicking on the banner below.

how to draw


Lizel Schreuder said...

Hallo Maryna,

Dankie vir baie waardevolle informasie.
Groete Lizel

Maryna Moolman said...

Ek is bly as dit jou kon gehelp het. Daar is werklik ook baie oulike goed op Paint Basket se site, veral vir die wat baie ernstig is oor kuns in 'n groot verskeidenheid mediums :)

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