Monday, 22 July 2013

LLATL (part 1)

We initially started our English portion of 'schooling' using Adventures in Phonics by Christian Liberty Press. For those who does not know, English is not our first language. 

Today we finally moved over to LLATL (Learning Language Arts through Literature) by Common Sense Press.

We started with the Red book.

The first two books in the program the blue and the red both comes as a set. This includes a teacher guide, student book and readers. There is also additional readers that you need purchase that form part of the literature studies in the book.

The kids absolutely love this book. The lessons are interesting and at this level still loads of cut and paste activities. This was only day one, they said it is not a boring book and so much fun. I have to admit this is our first time ever also taking on lapbooking.

working hard sorting words
 Even though this is only the start here you can see what they have got so far. I didn't use normal file folders, I  used larger card stock and folded it. The inside bottom is about A3 size.

See HERE for some samples of the LLATL books. The student and teacher book can also be purchased as e-books (so much cheaper). I bought the student book as an e-book. I have to admit that my printer did not co-operate so well while printing all those many many pages. I might buy the printed books for the next level.

Most people recommended that I try and get the additional readers from the library, unfortunately I only managed to find two and will need to purchase the rest.

If you wish to start using LLATL and don't know where to start, there is placements tests on their site. Happy learning.




Anonymous said...

I love their lapbooks. Enjoy LLATL

Maryna Moolman said...

Thank you, the kids really love it.

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