Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Learn about them Bones

Sticking with our human body theme we learned about bones.

In the book How your Body Works (with our beautiful Billy Bones skeleton) there is a activity where you can make your own 'bone'.

This is what you need:
Coloured cardstock

Do this:
Place a piece of cardstock the same length as your straws down. Cover the cardstock with glue. Place the straws on the glue and secure with a few sections of sellotape. Finally role up the creation to make a tube.

What we learn:
 Bones are not solid. If they were you will not be able to move as it would be too heavy. Bone grow in circular tubes that are hollow.

Watch this animated video of the Structure of Bone.

Watch this stop motion film (who said Lego's are just for playing) of how bone heals.

Challenge yourself and learn the various bone types, their uses and the names of all the major bones in your body.

Happy learning.



Anatomy T-shirt

 A fun way to learn the basic names of internal organs.

Before it was painted

On Ellen McHenry's site there is wonderful make and do free resources.

As I am busy doing translations for our Afrikaans site with her permission, we decided to make the Anatomy T-shirt. (The Afrikaans version of the template and instructions will be available in a few weeks when I launch the site).

On Ellen's site you can download the instructions and template for the T-shirt in various sizes. I happen to come across one old white T-shirt this morning and worked perfect for us.

We did not write the labels of the internal organs on the T-shirt. We are using ribbon with the names written on it and attaching it to the various parts with  those nappy pins (sorry could not remember the correct word).

My method for tracing the template on the T-shirt: On the back of the template I went over the lines with a 4B pencil. Then putting the pencil part facing the T-shirt I used a pen and went over the lines until the pencil markings came off on the T-shirt. I then outlined the pencil markings with a black pen. See the top picture what it looked like before I painted it.

Below you can see the painted version. Yes I know the T-shirt is too small for Matthew, but he also wanted a photo with the organs (LOL)

After it was painted.

Have to admit, I like the before better than the after. Just a word a caution this took a couple of hours to complete, so you need loads of time.

Happy learning.