Saturday, 11 May 2013

Taking time off

Just a notification that I will be taking time off from blogging and most internet activities.

For those who did not know I am also a writer and artist and will need some time to work on some projects.

As my children always comes first (besides God and my husband) I have to create balance and part with something sometimes.

I am not sure when I will be back again.

Happy homeschooling.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Soft play dough

Today is an off day. The kids are sick with flu, so that means we are not doing school today. In my opinion a child can't concentrate when they are not feeling well. BUT that does not mean they can't have a good time.

I made them some soft clay dough to keep them busy.

We have a large container filled with plastic shapes, I guess it is really for cookies, but they love to use it for the clay. This can keep them busy for a long time.

Soft Clay Recipe

What you need:
2 cups of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1/2 cup of water

What to do:
Mix everything together in a bowl. (I use my hands)
If it is too dry, add more water, only a little at a time.
If it is too wet, add more flour.
I try and knead it into a ball until it is manageable and take it out of the bowl.
On a floured surface I knead it until it is nice and firm.
I knead in the colouring. Your hands will get stained (nothing soap can't fix). 
Store in air tight containers, this will keep for a few months.

*If you knead in the colouring all the way through very well, it will not stain little hands :) 
*I divided this recipe in different balls to give each a different colour or you will have to make a big batch.
*I use colouring that is in gel and powdered form.

Off days give mom the change to catch up on some other duties or hobbies. 



Friday, 3 May 2013

Sketch Tuesday - dog

Over at Harmony Fine Arts At Home's blog she hosts sketch Tuesday. The kids can draw anything related to the subject of the week. Check out her blog for full details on what and where you need to send it to.Then the week's slideshow appears on her flicker page.

This weeks sketch challenge theme is a dog. That means anything related to a dog.

Matthew absolutely loves drawing and he's got books full of drawings, mostly airplanes, boats and cars. Recently I bought him a proper drawing pencil set. As you can imagine he was over the moon.

Here is Matthew's first contribution. This was drawn from another drawing he saw on

Here is Makayla's dog picture.

Go ahead and also join in on the fun. Did I mention that mom's can take part too :)