Friday, 24 October 2014

Curriculum for 2015

The year is not done yet, but I am busy working on our plan for next year (2015).

For those who are curious of what we are doing.

English: LLATL 


We are starting with the Yellow book.

English Spelling: Sequential Spelling


Finishing off Level one and moving to Level two.

Maths: Math U See

Finishing off Delta early 2015, moving over to Epsilon.

Not sure yet, perhaps games, various reading books...

History: SOTW

Still busy with Volume 1, will move over to Volume 2

Science: Science in the Beginning

Finishing off about half way through the year, will move over to various hands on activities from Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop.

Various book studies including an Earth Encyclopedia and hands on models.

Bible: Learning the Word in Life

We will be moving over to the second book in the series and also possibly the third.

Lessons from Paint Basket (serious art lessons) and various crafts and ideas from Pinterest.

Figure Skating and Ice Hockey.  

I might update this at a later stage, but this is it in a nutshell so far.



Thursday, 23 October 2014

Updates and changes on the blog

I am busy updating my blog - in more ways than one.

I have added a new page at the top for SOTW (Story of the World). Everything we have done for SOTW will be linked as a picture from that page which will take you to the full post instead of having to search through the entire blog. I will add content as we go.

You all may note that we have not worked on SOTW in months. We have moved twice this year and only a few months from each other and as you can imagine it was hectic. We will be getting back on track and post soon again.

I am also planning on creating a page for Science and add some experiments etc in there. I don't have a planned schedule for that yet.

The face of the blog change often as I am trying to find a template that will accommodate more pages and make it user friendly for me. Please bear with me if things look crazy, I am hoping to have to sorted soon.

Be blessed and please let me hear from you.