Friday, 8 November 2013

First Holiday

Picture taken in the restaurant
The past week we went on our very first holiday ever. Yes long overdue. We started our countdown by months then weeks and then finally how many sleeps.

We went to ATKV Drakensville Resort in Kwa-Zulu Natal which is at the heart of the Drakensberg. The views of the mountain are breathtaking. I did try to capture several mountain pictures but the camera just did not see what my eye saw.

Some holiday snapshots
The kids absolutely loved it. There were a few pools, 2 cold and one hot, a waterslide, putt-putt (mini-golf), animal farm, games room, trampolines you name it. We took their bikes with and they enjoyed riding around (this is not possible where we live back home) It is extremely safe there, we even forgot our key in the door on the outside one night.

Animal farm
The weather was super hot and everyone got quite a tan. There were some senior citizens on a tour and everyone was very nice. The hospitality is really outstanding. This is a good place for a family vacation.

KZN is very rich with history, unfortunately we were unable to experience any of that this time. Anyone ever going that way really got to check out everything in the surround.




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