Tuesday, 28 January 2014

SOTW - Chapter 1 - Earliest People

This week we studied Chapter 1: The Earliest People from Story of the World.
The children learned about the Nomads. What they ate, where they lived and how their houses looked like. They also learned how these Nomads become farmers and settled and developed villages.

Here is a look at a video From Nomades to Farmers.

After the more 'formal' lesson they started their activities. Here they made their own unique cave paintings (rock art).

Makayla's rock art
Matthew's rock art

Make your own rock art like this:
Take coloured paper and press it in a ball in your hand. Open it up. It give texture to the paper and a rock like appearance. With black paint let the kids do basic outline shapes of their figures. Then with an almost skintoned like colour let them fill the shape. After it is dried let them outline the black outlines with a reddish-brown paint colour. Let it dry and admire.

Here is a nice behind the scenes video of the cave painting scene from the movie The Groods while the film was being developed.

While I read the chapter to the kids they coloured in a picture of a Shaduf. A Shaduf is an implement they used in that era to gather water.

The kids made their own versions of a Shaduf.

The pictures below: The top one is a large scale one made by both of them. The branches was old broken off pieces, the pole in the middle is a swimming pool net. In the net was some bricks for the weights. Front a rope and that tied to an old bucket.

The pictures below that one: On the left is Matthew's smaller one. To the right in the garden Makayla's smaller one. The bucket was made from an egg carton. The last picture was the colouring picture as found in the Activity guide.

I never liked History at school. Now I enjoy it just as much as the kids. To be honest we never even studies world history the way the kids do now.

Make history exciting and share your projects.




Sarah Trew said...

we are going to be starting out sotw as well :) LOVE the artwork! I will definately be following along/ My site is facebook.com/twolittlechickadees if you would like to join us as well :) What area of the city are you in?

Maryna Moolman said...

Thanks for the follow. We are in Durban, South Africa.

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