Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Crafting inspirations

My kids love to make things. Makayla will silently disappear keeping herself busy making some sort of craft project. Matthew would normally rather draw some pictures.

Here is some of their creations that they recently made.
Makayla made this cityscape using some old cardboard boxes. She cut them to pieces and painted the scenes. Then she glued the one piece on the next to create a 3D effect.

Makayla's cityscape  

On the Tv program Art Attack, Mayala saw how they made this maze type game. She made the walls from papermache. She tore newspaper in little pieces and covered it with water overnight. The next day I helped her to drain all the water from the newspaper. She then broke the newspaper into smaller pieces and mixed it with glue. She shaped the walls and left it to dry for a few days and then painted it. There is a little blue ball on the right hand side in the middle that you manoeuvre around the board. The goal is to let the ball go out the hole (at the right bottom corner). The board is covered with a plastic sheet.

Makayla's game
Is that a fried egg I see on the chair? Matthew saw this Art Attack project and jumped right in. He mixed white paint with craft glue and placed it on a sheet of plastic. He left it to dry and then painted the egg yolk in the middle.

Matthew's fried egg
Closeup of the egg

Makayla saw this book at the library Die Sonskyndag Boek. This book show you how to make all kinds of craft projects. She made this sun-catcher.

The top shiny part she made from kitchen foil. She rolled it up in a snake form and then twisted it. The flower part she cut from a paper plate. She covered the flower with foil she rolled in balls to create texture and opening it up to cover the flower. The middle section she rolled a strip of foil and taped it on. She then painted the flower and added the extra decorations. The bottom part she made with string and different beads.

Makayla's sun catcher.
Closeup of the sun-catcher.
Children don't ever need to be bored. Go on and get them creative. You are welcome to share you crafts with us.



Monday, 10 February 2014

SOTW - Chapter 2 Egyptians on the Nile River

We continued our study of Story of the World. Last week we learned about the Egyptians who lived by the Nile River.

In this chapter the kids learned about two things:
The floods of the Nile River and how important it was for the farmers. Also the myth of why it flooded every year.
They also learned about the two kingdoms and how they become one. Also how it came about that King Narmer wears a double crown.

The activity book had a suggestion of a craft where they make a model of the Nile River.  The kids worked very hard in shaping their paper-mache and waiting patiently for a few days to dry before the big painting starts. When they wanted to start the painting they found that an army of bugs moved into their models. Needless to say the models ended up in the garbage. So no final project there :(

The photo below is a moveable model of King Narmer. It can be downloaded HERE. There is an option for a coloured figure or a black and white figure so the kids can do their own colouring.

In the video below you can see how the two Kingdoms became one.

A very interesting video explaining about Narmer and his Palette.

The kids made some artworks of King Narmer using oil pastels. .

Makayla's artwork

Matthew's artwork

On Artfactory you can find various Egyptian artworks that you can do.

Here is a nice Egyptian memory game that you can download and print.

I trust that you can find some of the projects and downloads useful in your Egyptian studies.



Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fun boardgames

We are very big fans of animation movies.

I found two really fun boardgames based on the animation movies Rise of the Guardians and Turbo.

I printed it out in full colour and on cardstock. I also covered it with Contact Film. This will ensure it lasts a long time.

The instructions on how to play the games are included in the downloads.

Here is the game that is based on the characters from the movie Rise of the Guardians.

Download the game HERE.

Here is the game based on the movie Turbo.

Download the game HERE

Enjoy it!