Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Frustrations to deal with

Being a homeschool mom does not mean I am a superhuman. It means that I too go through struggles and times of confusion and even frustrations.

I have been looking at some Curriculum ideas for History for next year. I am busy doing my planning and want to make sure things run smooth for us. Or well at least me being in control.

I have found some beautiful products from Answer in Genesis for the History portion I was looking for. I like what I see but... yes this is a big BUT ... the expensive cost, well for me here in SA it is. Yes I understand it covers quite a few years so I can really accept that, my problem is the shipping fees and then still having to pay taxes too once it gets here.

Bummer... feel one can't seem to win. We are limited by what is available around in SA from various bookstores or suppliers. I wish to use what will work for us, don't want to use what everyone else in SA is using. Not that I am being difficult, I just want something that speaks to us.

So now the search continues.

Alternatively I can use various reference books and build my own curriculum... this can be so daunting at times, so much planning to do. For once I actually feel like just getting a nice book and work with it from front to back. Don't think I am asking too much.

Alternative options for History I have been looking at was Mystery of History or Story of the World. Been looking at samples, reading reviews. Well just don't know what I will go with at the end. 

I History really that important I keep on asking myself?

Hope your planning goes smooth.




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