Friday, 5 April 2013

Why I homeschool

Before I initially started homeschooling my kids, I had a well paid full time career, the recession kicked in and I was retrenched from my work.  Unable to find employment, I decided to use my time being all I can be and be the best possible mom.  I researched homeschooling for quite some time.  My children went to a normal public school.  The teacher complained allot about my son for not concentration, not listening to orders, and not sitting still.  Not only this, he was bullied.

My husband and I discussed the home school option and I prayed to God for guidance.  My answer came in a scripture.  We then officially started homeschooling the last week in February 2010.

It was the best decision we ever made.  I can see where they lack and where they are exceeding expectations.  They enjoy school work and are always eager to learn more.

People ask me today if I will ever go back to work, simple answer NO!  I made a commitment to my children to see them through their education but also ensure they have a very close relationship with God.

We have freedom to work when ever we need to and I love being with them and they with me.  We are truly blessed.


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