Monday, 15 April 2013

Lets draw jungle animals - monkey

My children love arts and crafts. Even though we use various resources for our reference materials, their favorites to use is books that shows them step by step how to draw something.

Our beginner book we are using here is a Dutch book I found at a craft market. It is called Groot Tekenboek voor beginners deel een by Philippe Legendre. As we are Afrikaans it is extremely easy to be able to understand the book, but one don't even need any guide as the pictures speak for themselves.

Here you can see how to draw a monkey.

They drew this using oil pastels on sugar paper.

 It is amazing to see how children give their own flavor to pictures and drawings. This just once again shows us how different and unique every personality and person is.

If you are using the reference above for your child, be kind and pop a link in the comment box to where we can see your child's version of the monkey.


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