Friday, 5 December 2014

The world of ice sports

What an unbelievable year this has been with ice sports for the kids. Not only do they do figure skating they also started ice hockey earlier this year.

Makayla who is obviously a figure skater, was very cautious to try out ice hockey. In the beginning she was not to keen and was not really interested. Almost a year later and she is in love with the sport. She simply said she will never be able to decide between figure skating and ice hockey. This year she also won her very first first star in a hockey match. First star means you are the best player of the winning team. She could not believe when she won the cup. She plays hard and really tries her best and enjoys every moment of it.

Makayla and her duet partner Kathleen (also homeschooled) obtained second place in the  2014 Seal Junior Figure Skating duet competition.

Matthew is an ice hockey fanatic. He hopes to one day take it professional. He plays very hard and aggressive (in a good way). Even though he is my son, I have to admit he plays very well. Matthew won one first start and two second starts this year. Second star is the best player of the losing team. He also won a cup with another boy for the most improved player. At the annual prize giving Matthew also received his very own puck and he was super happy when he got it. 

End of October Matthew decided to hang up his figure skates for good and just concentrate on ice hockey.

Ice hockey is not only a fast sport, but it is physically very demanding - they sweat like you can't believe. This sport also improves their self confidence. Today Matthew is a totally different boy than what he was a year ago. He use to be very reserved and shy. Now he is a joker and joins and chats with anyone. What more can a parent ask for.

If you want to get your child active, let him/her try ice hockey out. They joy it brings the kids is fantastic and you will see a changed child. I myself also plan to play one day, that is if I can ever learn to skate ;)




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