Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Creativity through 3D sculpting and animating

Matthew has always had a love for the arts. He is very good at drawing and use to spend hours with the Pivot stick figure animation program.

A few years back I started playing around with Blender. It is a fantastic program where you create three dimensional images and then render it to animations. This program is the same one they used in the creation of Happy Feet 2. Matthew could not wait to work with the program.

Just as another example, the funny video below was also made using Blender (by another member). This is obviously after many hours spend, creating, sculpting, doing layers, textures and then putting it all together. 

Below is some of the course creations Matthew has worked on so far. He is still busy learning all the ins and outs of Blender. It is quite a complicated program, but once you have the basics down, you can build on it and do the most amazing things. The possibilities are endless.


Blender can be downloaded for free. Several of the classes and courses are available for free. There is however another option to become a citizen member on CG Cookie where you pay an x amount per month and get access to all the courses. This is the option we opted for, as we are investing in our sons future.

We give Matthew this opportunity to grow and create. This opens the doors to endless opportunities for him in the future. I will make updates as he progress.

If you or your child wish to learn Blender, ensure you have loads of time available. This is very time consuming but worth every minute of it. 




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