Thursday, 23 October 2014

Updates and changes on the blog

I am busy updating my blog - in more ways than one.

I have added a new page at the top for SOTW (Story of the World). Everything we have done for SOTW will be linked as a picture from that page which will take you to the full post instead of having to search through the entire blog. I will add content as we go.

You all may note that we have not worked on SOTW in months. We have moved twice this year and only a few months from each other and as you can imagine it was hectic. We will be getting back on track and post soon again.

I am also planning on creating a page for Science and add some experiments etc in there. I don't have a planned schedule for that yet.

The face of the blog change often as I am trying to find a template that will accommodate more pages and make it user friendly for me. Please bear with me if things look crazy, I am hoping to have to sorted soon.

Be blessed and please let me hear from you.




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