Thursday, 9 January 2014

The wonder of the magnifying glass

There is nothing greater to a child than having dad teach them something new and doing something creative with them.

Hubby got a few pieces of scrap wood from a supplier close to us for free. Each with a magnifying glass in hand they started their new burning artwork.

Here is the first artwork. Matthew made a car's exhaust - who would have through of that. Makayla made the heart.

The goal behind doing this is not only to show the kids how to make artwork in a different way. They also learn a valuable survival tip - what to do when you only have a piece of glass or maybe eye-glasses with you and you have to make a fire. It also demonstrates how powerful the sun is. Very important that a magnifying glass in the sun is not a toy, it can be dangerous and cause massive fires. 

Have you done this with your children?




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